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Lavi & Lavi Ltd Portfolio Management

Lavi & Lavi Portfolio Management is an investment firm focusing on managing private client and corporate investment portfolios.

As portfolio managers, we aim to do our best to maximize a portfolio's risk–return ratio, while providing our investors with an excellent personal service.

At Lavi & Lavi, we believe that clients’ portfolios should be managed with the highest ethical standards. As well as ensuring professional investment management, we guard against conflict of interests, and always act with utmost loyalty and provide full disclosure.

Our company research focuses on finding the best investment alternatives, and constantly looks for underpriced stocks and bonds which could generate higher returns for our clients.

Contact us:

3 Tozeret Haaretz st. 
Petah Tikva

Phone: 972-3-5607782

Fax: 972-3-5606423


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